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Star Trek Ascendency game

One of several games of Star Trek Ascendency over the recent months. Enjoying it as a game but definitely looking forward to the new expansions, Ferengi and Cardassian. The trade agreement treaties don’t work well with only 3 players as it doesn’t balance well at that level. There is lots of replayablility with the exploration cards as even with 30 system discs, 24 of which (I think) are planetary systems, you don’t get through that many. We have played it as if you don’t overcome a red hazard card it stays on the system disc for someone to complete later. 

Some of the optional rules look interesting too. Picking one research project rather than two random ones looks like a good idea, also random turn order rather than bidding on it speeds up the game. Will look at them again when the new expansions come out. Playing space wise we have found it best on a 6’x 4′ as although the galactic space isn’t massive having room for all the bits it useful. With access at both the 4′ ends I recon 6 players would cope round it, if there was safe space for the box of bits.