Boxing Day Warhammer Quest

Here are some photos from the first go at Warhammer Quest in years. A Boxing Day treat that a raging minataur couldn’t spoil. 


9th Age Battle: High Elves vs Lizardmen

These are some photos from a 5000 point battle in the 1.2 version of the game. It was a fun game, pretty bloody and very close right to end. Can’t remember for sure if anyone won but it wasn’t that important. My list was a my standard one of:

Flame warden prince with giant sword on frost Phoenix.

Loremaster/master of canrig tower with full Druidism spells and bow of elu, book of arcane power.

BSB queens companion and a apprentice divination Mage with one spell. 

Core was 10 silver helm/lancers and 4 units of reavers. 

Special 21 sword masters with +1 movement banner and 25 flame wardens with razor standard. Then a small unit of queens guard to house the loremaster, bsb and other Mage with the banner of balcalming. 

I was also testing ,y new battle mat from micro art studios. The Montgomery desert one. 

My opponent had bought a lizard men list with a couple of monsters and several hard hitting units, the flying skink riders, and the saurus cavalry. He also had some smaller blocks and some skirmishing skinks. Highlights of the battle included the silverhelms charging and routing the cold one cavalry and my sword masters who fought exceptionally. The flame wardens also tanked a monster or two and the unit of flying skinks so did al that could be expected of them really. 

Things I might change, I feel the prince on Phoenix is expensive for what he seems to accomplish, but then he has a high threat range and can hurt and is moderately tanky. The flame wardens need some punch, a character with an anti monster weapon would help there. The lancers I will try with a bsb on a chariot in with speed banner and Ryma banner to give them extra punch.