DW Battle: British vs Russians & Raj

So this is the first of two battles from October against two different opponents who I play against less regularly than others. This was a 1500 point battle (judged by the fact there are two Ruler battleships in my list, or at least one Ruler and one half of an Avenger…) but we got further through than some games, possibly because at 1500 points I’m less worried about individual squadrons and play more aggressively?! Who knows. Anyway 1500 points it was and an Ironclad scenario, Royal Couple, where you have two 12″ circles on the board and you score points at the end of each turn by having matching size classes in both circles, with larger ships able to “downgrade” to match smaller ones, 1sp for smalls, 2 for mediums etc. This does tend to towards a charge into the middle and stay there as well as a potential splitting of forces towards two different points, which is interesting. 

My list is my standard 1500 point British list, or what is currently my standard one. An Illustrious Sky Fortress with shield upgrade and Commodore, a safe place for him  and a tough carrier with possibility to bomb and board something late game (I like it anyway, man don’t). I had two Ruler battleships with I think stoic crew on. Then mediums a Lord Hood, a Halifax heavy bomber, a Tribal squadron with attached Dominion and a squadron of Vanguard submarines. Smalls the Stalwart heavy destroyers which are always good fun and a squadron of swifts. I’m a little hazy on some of the ships across from me, not knowing the Russians that well. Raj wise I’m on firmer ground and there was a Canada bombard, a squadron of Devak cruisers, a Jhasa carrier and 3 Veeran corvettes. I think the Russians had a heavy battleship, a Kangar or something like that. This is almost deployment in that I think it’s after my first activation. I didn’t put anything in advanced as I’ve heard that you don’t want to be too close to the Russians. 

On the left I have a Ruler with the Vanguards and the Illustrious, then the augmented Tribals and the Halifax. Everything else is out of shot on the right, the second Ruler, the Lord Hood, the Stalwarts and the Swifts. 

Opening activation my Vanguards stayed submerged sped forward and torped a Russian sub I think critting it and forcing it to surface.  

I think I sort of forgot about photos at this point as I’m fairly sure the next one is in turn 2, possibly even turn 3, but probably turn 2. As you can see large sections of my fleet are sat in the circles, scoring my points. Damage has been taken by various ships. The Tribal squadron is down to two models from four, the Hood has taken some damage and a couple of Swifts have sunk beneath the waves. In return a mortar cruiser I think is gone, there are less of the submarines and the Jhasa and the heavy battleship has have taken damage. 

The next couple of photos are details on this big picture. In the first the Halifax is badly damaged, but I have survivable models in the scoring circle in the submerged Vanguards and obscured Illustrious, I think the damaged Tribal is prized…

On my right the undamaged Ruler and it’s slightly more damaged friends were also holding the scoring circle. Though not as securely, somewhere out of shot the Stalwarts were ready to pounce. I think, based on the fact it’s not in later photos, the Hood is just being teleported, hence the scatter dice. 

This photo has a very damaged Jhasa about to sink beneath the waves and I think part of the end of the heavybattleship. 

These two photos are the last ones I have. I think the heavy battleship was prized, Stalwarts certainly shot something and boarded something else, which is what they excel at. I’m not sure much has changed in the second one from the previous photo.

I think we called it soon after this on scenario points which if I remember correctly I won. It was a fun game with lots of damage all round. A teleport is always good for a laugh and it’s good fun to play against an opponent and a fleet I don’t get to very often. I like this list for the British, it feels like it has some hard hitting units, some tough ones and some good boarding threats. Two Rulers is good as they can cover different sides of the field or join forces and tag team. Sorry the photos are a little short on explanation, it was a few months ago and the memory dims. 


Star Trek Ascendency game

One of several games of Star Trek Ascendency over the recent months. Enjoying it as a game but definitely looking forward to the new expansions, Ferengi and Cardassian. The trade agreement treaties don’t work well with only 3 players as it doesn’t balance well at that level. There is lots of replayablility with the exploration cards as even with 30 system discs, 24 of which (I think) are planetary systems, you don’t get through that many. We have played it as if you don’t overcome a red hazard card it stays on the system disc for someone to complete later. 

Some of the optional rules look interesting too. Picking one research project rather than two random ones looks like a good idea, also random turn order rather than bidding on it speeds up the game. Will look at them again when the new expansions come out. Playing space wise we have found it best on a 6’x 4′ as although the galactic space isn’t massive having room for all the bits it useful. With access at both the 4′ ends I recon 6 players would cope round it, if there was safe space for the box of bits.