So this has been sat half finished on the hobby table for a while now. In the spirit of getting things finished it seemed like the time to sort it out. It’s still not completely done as the canopy struts need painting prior to glueing, so the next stage is undercoating. I haven’t decided on gluing the doors and drop ramp shut yet. Now just need to work on the list for it to it in.


Prussian paint scheme

So aside from my British and Allies (Raj and Australian) I haven’t sorted a colour scheme for some of my other fleets. Having undercoated a number of ships I decided to paint a Prussian Havel (medium carrier). Here is the scheme as it stands and I’m fairly happy with it. It looks suitably menacing compared to the lighter scheme of the British ships. Once winter draws in and I can’t undercoat etc outside I shall hopefully make some progress with the rest of the fleet.

Movement Trays

This is the result of last nights work, some movement trays ready for elves in either 9th Age or Kings of War. A functional, if not trailblazing, addition. I’m hoping that by getting the trays done it breaks the army up into bite sized chunks that makes painting in the future much easier.