Welcome to my blog, on a variety of topics including wargaming, faith and anything else that comes to mind. Below are links to the various categories of posts on the blog.

Dystopian Wars – The Victorian steampunk universe by Spartan Games. Focusing mostly on the naval theatre of the gaming system but with various different fleets from the stoic British to the aggressive Prussians and various allies and mercenaries. 

Warhammer 40K – The grimdark futuristic universive by Games Workshop. My army in this is mostly Imoerial Guard of various flavours with a few allies. My Guard regiment is based on a temperate planet with an early 1800s level of tech but with resource rich moons of different climates (jungle, arctic, desert etc) so one company specialises in each of these environments and a particular form of warfare (first up jungle and airborne).

Fantasy & 9th Age – Any Warhammer 8th edition post but mostly about the 9th Age gaming system or any other fantasy mass battle games. My main army in this is High Elves and I’m always on the quest for a fun themed army that can do ok in battle. 

Board games – Any write ups of fun board games, or possibly almost battle reports from something like Star Trek Ascendency. Certainly photos of good looking ticket to ride games. 


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